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Success Stories
Identity Painting by Sylvia Wols
  • "By your counsel, I have opened my mind to the full potential of a purpose-driven life. The seed you planted remains inside me continues to grow each day." Corporate Executive
  • "While exploring careers that would bring me life and fulfill my passion I met Dr. Ron Young. We identified two career options, coaching, and counseling, that would utilize my passions and gifts and bring me life. Today I am a certified coach and am completing a master's degree in marriage and family therapy." Missionary in the Middle East
  • My husband and I have been working in East Asia for 10+ years with our last few years being very challenging with persecution of the church and pressure on believers and ministry. Also, personally I had a major trial with a traumatic injury and a close friend whose child died. I started to have a panic attack and felt anxious most of my days. During this time Daniel heard about our situation and reached out to me. Daniel began by helping me to work on my fears according to how I felt each week.  During each call he helped me to anchor in the truth of God’s Word and help me to get rid of lies that I believed. Daniel’s coaching skills helped as he asked me powerful questions as well as to share  insights. Because of his own experience in the past and how God has shaped him with compassion, he has been able to understand my struggles and bring comfort to my wounds. I highly recommend Trove Global Impact Foundation! I am so thankful for having Daniel as a coach and for Dr Young’s assistance!"  Leader in Asia
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help with our family over the years - and the lot of us messed up missionaries. Thank you for not giving up hope and ministering to us in such a needed niche way. Truly!
  • "Trove Global helped me to navigate the traumatic discovery that my husband is a groomer, an emotionally abusive relationship, and a separation. I can now return to my business, continue to grow it, and focus more energy on my own self-care and my family. Every area of my life is growing and thriving." 
  • "We were concerned that the groomer would slip out of the structure meant to keep him away from public ministry. Dr. Young provided a broad education for the entire board. Because of him, we learned of the deep idiosyncrasies in the case we were managing, how careful we needed to be with the groomer, and how much tenderness and type of care we should provide his victims." Accountability Board 
  • "I am so grateful for the coaching I received from Daniel. As a leader, it is so important to recognize your strengths and your blindspots. Through the coaching, I was affirmed and empowered as a competent leader, as well as given opportunity to grow in areas of weakness. I felt honored, celebrated, and empowered by my coaching session and am better equipped in leadership and life because of it!” Missionary in Thailand
  • If you're looking for an organization who is going to help you see the connections, dreams and realized potential in your life, Trove Global Impact is who you want to talk too. Daniel has a true gift of guidance and support that needs to go hand in hand.  Not only was Daniel incredible on a one on one coaching basis but also with team dynamics. He was able to clear up 8 months of team conflict in a day or two, by asking very precise questions and clarifying intentions of the team members using the Pairin Survey. This experience, both with personal and team coaching brought such peace, encouragement and energy towards our team's dreams, purpose and success." A Global Nomad
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