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Dr. Ron Young

Ron's experience and success as an entrepreneur, management consultant, executive coach, and president of a thriving outpatient psychology practice, give him a unique approach to the "people business" in its various forms. The depth and breadth of his 30+ years of experience make him a highly skilled at jump-starting the transformation of intrapersonal, interpersonal, and organizational dynamics. His clients enjoy his blend of professionalism, humor, and approachability.

In 2006 a missionary friend of Ron's asked him to work with missionaries at an annual conference. During the conference, Ron provided counseling and coaching for individuals, families, and teams which mirrored the work he did in the corporate world. It was at that conference that he decided to create Trove Global Impact to serve more missionaries around the world and support some of their initiatives. 

Ron measures success in mission work in terms of impact on people rather than on profit. The impact of his work with missionaries has had a cascading impact.

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Founder and President



Recommendations from for-profit and nonprofit leaders:

Ron has some very unique and special gifts when it comes to reading people, identifying superpowers, and help and helping individuals harness and deploy those powers for the good of the organization. Corporate CEO

Dr. Young's approach to self-discovery and realization is invaluable for leaders at any level. Corporate CEO I am glad that you use a holistic approach. It has been much more effective than traditional approaches. I really appreciate that you listen to the Holy Spirit and that you challenge me. Missionary in the Middle East


The best thing about Dr. Young is his adept skill around using his probing questions to get to the root of personal and professional challenges. Once the challenges are identified, he uses another set of questions to help you create a pathway to overcome those challenges.   Corporate CEO

We asked Ron to help us sort out an emotionally charged team. He provided coaching and consulting for individuals on the team as a group and individually.  He gave both the insight, tools and practical experience to successfully move forward. I highly recommend Ron's coaching and consulting to any organization. Mission Agency CEO

I was fortunate to receive coaching services from Ron during various points in my career. What I received from Ron was far more than tools to help me in my career, but helped me to evaluate my whole world. His evaluation led to a lot of changes and improvements in my life. I would highly recommend working with Ron if you want to gain a full understanding of your needs and how to achieve the best version of yourself. Missionary in Asia

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